Tuesday, April 12, 2011


A few Sunday's ago Ella asked what we were having for dinner. Baked Tortellini, Cesar salad, garlic bread and cookies for dessert. A simple yet delicious meal that the whole family enjoys.

Apparently we don't have rolls or bread with meals much because when I said Garlic bread both Ella and Mailee thought I was the bees knees. The simple dinner I had in mind became a fancy dinner...just by adding garlic bread.

The girls came up with the idea to have a fancy Italian restaurant set up for dinner. Menus were created, roles were assigned and anticipation built throughout the day.Behold, the fancy schmancy menu which offers one main course. It does offer two beverages...cause we're fancy like that.

Some favorite lines that were said that night:

Ella (welcomes the guests, seats them and gives them the menu):"I'll be back in 35 minutes to take your order. Would like you something to drink?"

Bret:"Yes, I'd like water please"

Ella:"Would you like it fresh or cold?"

Bret (trying not to laugh):"Umm...that's a hard one...could I have both please?"

Ella:"Of course...sure, sure. Fresh and cold coming right up!"

Mailee:"Do you know me? 'Cause I'm a rockstar! I want lots of apple juice fresh and cold please and also bring some pepper for me cause rockstars like it spicy."(where she gets the things she says I have no idea)


Bret:"These cookies are delicious...and so is the chef!" (I was the chef)

Ella:"Dad, you can't taste mom she's not on the menu...plus she's a human bean!"


Mailee: "I get twenty-one-hundred cookies because I'm a Rockstar."

I can't wait to have garlic bread again.


Melia said...

Love the imaginations! Mailee cracks me up.

Such fun at your house.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorites!!! I can just imagine the conversation and especially Ella and Maille being excited! So glad you post these moments....makes me smile and laugh!

Love ya,


Pattersons said...

who knew garlic bread could provoke such creativity at your house?!:) so awesome!

Anna said...

35 minutes.....hahahahaha

Sarah said...

I think I need to make garlic bread ;)

Such cute girls with such cute imaginations!