Friday, April 29, 2011

{A really princess!}

We've been watching the royal wedding all morning. Ella was not happy that she had to go to school even with the promise that she could watch it all again when she got home later on today.Mailee has been particularly interested in the wedding. Upon witnessing William and Kate kiss she turned around and said "Mom, she's a really princess!!".I loved Kate's dress.
I have always loved the name Pippa.
Those Middleton's have some good genes.
David crush on you just got deeper.
A very lovely couple...she is just so beautiful.
The hats were spectacular.
The whole wedding was classy, mixed with modern touches and tradition.
The couple looked genuinely happy.
I thought it sweet when he whispered how beautiful she looked before the ceremony began.
Best of luck to the royal couple!

What did you think?

***Post edit*** - Ella had to watch the wedding as soon as she got home from Pajama day at school. We both found ourselves wishing we could be a princess...


Heather said...

I bet this was so magical for your little girls to watch! I love it!

I agree with everything on your list! And the name Pippa..amazing! Pippa Mildenstein- for some reason I can't see Matt going for it, but it's worth a try.

Did it bother you at all that they zoomed in on Elton John like 100x? Don't get me wrong, I love him, but really?! It just seemed weird to me.

lyn. said...

Beatrice's hat was not good... :-/

Slice of life said...

our street party is still raging outside.

She looked stunning. I hate the way they kept saying that he was marrying a commoner. who was the the presenter? surely a commoner!

he looks so much like his Mother, shy eyes. and they looked like they were suppressing giggles when saying their vows.

Lyn, I agree that Princess Beatrice's hat was hideous!

She also observed all protocol for bowing her head and stopped waving every time Prince William saluted. She really does compliment him, I think they look good together.

Prince Harry could of had his hair cut. it looked a bit straggly...

Beautiful day

oh and a public holiday, so no work for me.... HooooooooRaY!!!!

Also I think it is really funny that Prince Phillip has to sing God Save the Queen.

Pattersons said...

shucks! i missed it:( i was running around getting last minute things for our weekend trip to newport:) can't wait to see pics. of kate and the dress! and that pic with mailee and the royal couple kissing in the!

Heather Child said...

I totally agree with everything you said about it! It has been so much fun to watch a real life fairy tale! Loved her dress...and my favorite part was when they drove themselves away from the palace in their little convertible! Just a young couple in love!