Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Over the past month I've been on a huge emergency preparedness kick.

With the natural disasters occuring more frequently around the world recently it's really been in the forefront of my mind to get things prepared for my little family in case of disaster.

Back packs have been packed, supplies updated, and a long list of things I still would like to add or get has been checked and re-checked.

It's been a bit overwhelming trying to prioritize and decide what we really need. It is also more of a challenge when you have a baby (diapers, wipes, formula, etc.). I remember when we were first married and our emergency plan was to have enough money to get to my parents house. Ha!

I thought I would post and ask what you are doing to prepare? Any hints or tips? What do you think are the top five most important things to have in a 72 hour kit would be? Are you feeling the pressing need to prepare your family as well or am I the only one?


Jill Bowman said...

I am preparing too. Top 5 (excluding food, water, and baby necessities):
1. Flashlights w/ extra batteries
2. Wind-up radio
3. Toilet paper
4. Sleeping bags
5. First aid kit

I don't think you can be overly prepared for an emergency. I am also trying to keep my gas tank as full as possible at all times and keep cash on hand in case banks are unavailable.

Sarah said...

It is a little bit overwhelming isn't it? Just trying to keep it current with these constantly growing babies is a lot. I've been working on ours but here are the 5 that I need to work on:

1. Increase our water supply
2. Increase our emergency cash envelope (all small bills)
3. Get an extra propane tank to have on hand
4. I need to get ahead on our prescriptions so that we have extra to get us through an emergency. This one has been on my mind a lot lately. I need to call our dr. It's also tricky because medications expire.
5. Chocolate. So dumb, but treats could be a huge commodity in a crisis! :)

Good for you for being so prepared!!

Krista Hansen said...

I've been thinking about this a lot too. I'm currently working on my food storage. I'm trying to tackle my 3 month supply and then move on to my 1 year supply. All the tips on 72 hour kits are helpful. Just one more thing to do. But I'm doing something and that is a start!

KC and DL said...

Yeah, it's been on my mind a lot but I haven't done much. We have well stocked 72 hour kits and car kits, but they need rotating. I like having a couple bike trailers if we can't use cars. We need more water and cash... Its unsettling to me how many people have been talking like this, its like we can sense something coming and it is freaky!

Anonymous said...

instead of flashlights we have headlamps. (well, we also have one hand flashlight, but if weight becomes an issue we'd go with just the headlamps). We figure in an emergency we will likely need our hands for things other than flashlights (ie carrying babies).

other top items:
baby wipes (for sanitary purposes)
first aid kit
water purifier

Lynn said...

I always think what good is it to have money in the bank but not have food and emergency supplies ...which makes it easier to stock up a bit. i love the 5 gallon water boxes from emergency essentials - they can be moved into a car easier than a blue barrel. and stored in the house. i also love their canned bacon. and am going to try their clarified butter. also in my food storage... chocolate.