Monday, April 11, 2011

{No. 144)

1.I love a good tee. These ones are on my list. A solid, a stripe and one with a metallic.

2.I love Holga's. I love this color. A perfect Easter Basket item for your significant other or older child.

3.Love the look and colors of these honeycomb vases.

4.Maxi dresses are so comfortable and flattering. I love the detailing on this one and the fact that it gives you a waist. I have a feeling this will be the Summer I live in these.

5.I have always loved a good hurache sandal. This one in a blush tone would be an eye catcher for the warmer months.

6.I have a sister in law who loves rose gold. I admit I haven't always liked it or gold but the past few years it has grown on me. This Fossil rose gold classic looking watch would be a fabulous accessory.

7.This ring is awesome.


Heather Johnson said...

I have the maxi dress you posted about today. I am wearing it almost 9 months pregnant and it has been wonderful. I can't wait to wear it not pregnant also.

The detail really does set it apart from other maxis. And it keeps itself just above the floor, so my kids aren't always tripping on it like some of my others.

Hope you give it a try. (I feel like an advertisement :))
Happy Monday.


Sarah said...

I have been eyeing that striped shirt at anthropologie in the blue and white stripes but I've been trying to decide if it's just a little too nautical? I do love it.

Those sandals are exactly like a pair of white ones I had in 5th grade that I LOVED. It would be so weird to wear them again! :)

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

Hey lady...those bows are SUPER easy I promise! If you want some let me know. I bet we could figure out a swap for some of those darling earings of yours :)

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

Or not! No pressure :) You know what I mean!!

Heather said...

That dress! Those shoes! I wonder what that dress would do for a big pregnant girl like me. Hmmmm.

Lynn said...

erica - i have a proposition for you if you can get back to me fairly quickly. email me at