Sunday, March 13, 2011

{Sunday Photographs -9}

You'd think with all the photos I take I'd be able to line up the camera correctly so that the frames above weren't crooked...I'll chalk that mistake up to just waking up from an awesome Sunday nap and still in a fog - due to post nap and cold meds.

Today has been filled with normalcy (for a Sunday) and I'm happy about that. Church. Church meetings. Popcorn, apples and cheese for lunch. The house filled with the smell of dinner in the crockpot (Italian Chicken and Rotini). Nap time. A bit of reading.

It's days like these that I often take for granted but long for especially on the days when sickness is going on in our home.

Jonas adjusted to daylight savings like a champ. We, the parental units, did not. That'll teach us to stay up late the night before.

Welcome longer days and more light, we have missed you.


Pattersons said...

we're with you on the late night before daylight savings:) but, loving the pics. of your ever so cute kiddies:)

Sarah said...

Cutest kids! I love, love Mailee's hair. It looks so cute on her. I am so sad that we missed out on seeing you guys! Next time for sure! :)