Sunday, March 27, 2011

{Sunday Photographs - 11}

I'm pretty sure more waking hours are spent in dress up clothes around this house than not (talking about the kids - did I have to clarify that?.

Even poor Jonas is not immune to the girls role play and often crawls as quickly away to me, a pleading look in his eyes that clearly states he's reached his patient brother limit.

Today's picture captures a moment in time when the kids are in the intense middle play of imagination. Isn't he the cutest little bunny you ever did see?

Ella drew menus for tonight's dinner. Apparently when I announced we'd be having garlic bread with dinner and gooey chocolate chip cookies for dessert it made it not just a dinner but a fancy restaurant dinner.

She'll play hostess, Mailee will be the chef and Bret and Jonas will be the patrons to this fine dining establishment.

This week is Spring Break. I'm coming up with things we can do around here...gas prices are crimping my style.

As much as I love having all 3 Littles home with me there are times when I am more a referee than Mom...and those are times I look forward to the end of Spring Break.

At this moment the family is watching Stardust. It's a current favorite of the girls. Mailee has declared she now wants to be a shooting star for Halloween.

Off to play restaurant...


Debbi said...

I love Jonas' smile. He really is such a cute boy, I want to squeeze him, it makes me sad that we don't live closer so I can see your kids:) I hope you have a good spring break, we have rain I think all week, so lots of playing inside or at my parents. I am sure you will come up with creative things, you always do!

Pattersons said...

he IS the cutest little bunny:)a shooting star sounds about right:)