Sunday, March 20, 2011

{Sunday Photographs - 10}

Today marks the first day of Spring...and it's the coldest day in the last 2 weeks!

We snuggled up, got into our cozies and watching Nanny McPhee Returns. Loved the clothes and the quirk. Ella cried tears of joy at the end. I admit I did get a tear in my eye as well.

Jonas ate a cookie tonight. It's amazing how big of a mess one cookie can make. Hair, face, eyes, ears, shirt, arms, get the picture. He also managed to pick up the tray and proceed to lick it clean. That boy loves his food.

I'm on an emergency preparedness kick (been feeling like I need to get prepared for a while now) and hoping to put a big dent in my looong list I've made this week.

Yesterday Bret was on call for work. He had 7 emergencies, which is a busy day (and also means we didn't see him much). I chalk it up to the full moon. It's always crazy on a full moon. Did you see the moon? It was like Joe Versus the Volcano big.

I loved the moon. I loved today.


[Morgan] said...

oooo, these might be my favorite sunday pictures so far erica! very cute.

banananutmeg said...

wooo hooo for emergency preparedness! One of my favorite topics!
If you're working on 72 hr kits..I just found this article and it has some good advice that isn't the typical stuff you hear all the time. Plus it's a cool blog.

Kate said...

yay emergency prep. i would love to know what sort of list you have and what you're doing to prepare.

{natalie} said...

Who made your quilt? I love it!

Sarah said...

Cutest kids. We watched Nanny McPhee Returns last week and I think I liked it better than the first one. Even Blaine would stop what he was doing and laugh at the pigs :) It was super cute. And good job on your emergency prep! I'm still working on ours, I feel like I'll never actually be done! ;)