Thursday, March 31, 2011

{Spring Break - day 3}

Yesterday we were supposed to head down to Palm Springs for an all day adventure of fun. Plans changed when morning came and both Jonas and I slept no more than two hours through the night.

The morning was spent at the doctors office. One hour in the waiting room and 30 minutes in the room before we saw anyone. A med student who, just like a previous student a few months back, stated nothing was wrong with his ears, only to have the doctor check and tell her that yes in fact a double ear infection was present.

The girls played Fruit Ninja and Angry birds on my phone and kept telling me they were bored. I concurred.The rest of the day was spent holding a 26 pound weight in my arms...after the first 25 minutes your arm goes dead.I gave into the constant pleas from the girls and painted their nails.

I always hesitate to take the time since I know the paint will be picked off within 3 days tops.The girls did what they love most...watched a movie and colored.

Please notice Ella's version of Sleeping Mermaid and Prince Phillip Merman. Flipping through their coloring books, drawing pads and journals always brings a smile to my face.We ate dinner outside, then squished the ear wigs that are always in abundance this time of year around here, and didn't come inside until we ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the beautiful sunset that painted the sky.

We are gearing up for visitors this weekend. Wicked and an all day beach trip are on the agenda. YAY for visitors....and antibiotics.


Ginnie Coleman said...

Enjoy the red poop! It didn't work for Hinckley so we had to do a different med and steroids!

{natalie} said...

that sunset is beautiful. hope jonas is feeling better soon. ps costco has these awesome pocket doodle pads for $5....i think i am going to pick up a few to keep in the car or my purse. they are on the book table, there is even a princess version.

Pattersons said...

so sorry your little big guy is sick:( but glad he's got the meds:) and the pic of the sunset is gorgeous! enjoy your fun filled weekend:)

Sarah said...

Boo for the little man being so sick! I'm sorry you guys had such a rough visit at the dr's too. So not fun. I'm hoping those antibiotics work fast! That stinks that you guys missed out on your fun in Palm Springs, but thank heavens for not being there with a sick baby and then needing to find a doctor. Hopefully he's all better and ready to play at the beach this weekend with your company. That sounds wonderful! :)