Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{Spring break - day 2}

*apologies for the blurry picture - Jonas was climbing on me making my hands unsteady, then he proceeded to roll and fall against the TV, and I completely forgot to take another picture. I'm sure you know how it goes...*This is how the majority of the day was spent.

We did have a break here or there for some sunshine and ended the day with playing some soccer at the park, but for the most part watching our new favorite Disney movie is how we spent our day.

Of course popcorn and candy were enjoyed during the multiple viewings. Have you tried the new Fiesta Starburst candy? Bret and the girls say they are their favorite.I've been pleasantly content with being homebodies this Spring Break.


Pattersons said...

we love tangled too! i'm a huge fan of starburst so...YES, i'll be purchasing some fiesta starburst in the near future-thanks:)

Sarah said...

Yay for Tangled! I bought it on Tuesday but have been hiding it so I can use it during our spring break next week :) I love that movie.

PS - your girls are BEAUTIFUL. Just like their mama :)