Friday, March 11, 2011

{sick day}

What do you do when your being teased by a fever fluctuating from 103.7 and 104.2 and you're a mom? A mom of 2 children who want to go to story time at the local library and just don't understand that mom's get sick?

I'll tell you what you do...or at least what I did. I offered play dough, coloring books, movies and popcorn. Then when all those resources had been drained I noticed the pattern on the paper towels and talked up how cool it would be to follow the dots.

Be convincing. Telling her that Daddy will absolutely think she's the bees knees because of her incredible artistic skills made the project a done deal for her.

Who just might participate in the "art project" (while wiping your dripping nose every 5 seconds) and find it incredibly fun.Who knew that paper towels would provide so much entertainment? Ella spent a good portion of the evening doing a few herself.

Thank you paper were my best friend yesterday.


Bri {collected} said...

Um those are seriously awesome. I love them. I kinda want to try it myself!

{natalie} said...

those paper towels look really cool. i hope you start feeling better soon. it really sucks to be sick and be the mom.

moo said...

wow! Pretty cool actually! Hope you feel better!

quiverfull said...

what a great idea! especially when they run out of drawing paper (like we do at least once a week at our house... )
get better soon!