Monday, March 28, 2011

{No. 143)

Bright pops of color are what I've been drawn to lately. In the kitchen, toy room or on oneself, color is where it's at!

1.A classy crisp white wrap shirt is the perfect canvas for those pops of color to adorn.

2.This butter dish would look awesome in my kitchen. Functional and also acts as decor piece. West Elm is one of my favorite stores.

3.I always feel so bad for the kids when they build a masterpiece from our wooden blocks set only to have it fall down or get knocked over. These wooden blocks are also magnetic. Such a good idea!

4.Though the price for this perfect pair of studs is one that for most would make this a special celebration gift instead of an everyday purchase I had to post it. I know I would wear these daily. Mother's day? Ten year anniversary coming up? Christmas? Take your pick Bret :) Anyone have an employee discount....

5.I'm pretty sure my girls would be begging to wear this bracelet. They love trying on my jewelry. A little Spring on your wrist is never a bad thing!

6.Hello Citronelle sandal. Strappy and bright.

7.A flared jean would look awesome with all my favorite wedges, not to mention the flatter affect.


mommyholly said...

That butter dish is soooo cute!!! :) I might need that.
xoxox Holly

Pattersons said...

very much liking the butter dish! hate using my yucky bowls! also like the magnetic blocks! u guys celebrating 10 yrs. too? so cool-we can't decide where to go next month-san diego area or orange county/l.a. area...any suggestions??? i know you're always full of good ideas!:)