Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A celebration indeed

I decided after looking through all the pictures I took while in New York that I just had no desire to do a huge post with tons of pictures telling you all how amazing it was and blah blah's that for lazy.

I did want to document some of the things that were the best parts for me and of course some of what I did on my 30th brithday, so instead of massive amounts of pictures I have 7 to share.

If you were really looking forward to seeing pictures of all the places we went go to Flickr and type in all the touristy places and find pictures there...yes, I'm that lazy.

My birthday started off with a room delivery of some of the best cupcakes I have ever had. Magnolia bakery knows how to make cakes. Bret sure knows how to make me smile, he wanted to be sure I had cake on my birthday.

The rest of the day was spent seeing sights like the Statue of Liberty, riding the Staten Island Ferry, shopping and more eating.Dinner at Butter was perfection. I can mark it off my list of places I must eat now. I really enjoy Alex Guarnaschelli and was excited to finally eat her food. The picture is the only one I took...didn't want to whip out my camera inside the restaurant.

The food was fabulous (as it should be when it's $100 per person). I'm still dreaming of the raspberry beignets with vanilla sauce I had there.We quickly snapped a picture before Mama Mia started. I think that was my favorite of the ones we saw. So fun!

The museums we visited, the food we ate, the shopping, the site seeing, joking with our pedicab driver while taking in Central Park, the crazy people we ran into everywhere and the subway rides were all great, but my favorite part of the trip were the shows. I am spoiled and got to see a show every day we were there. That was the best gift of all.
Our hotetl was right in the middle of Times Square. I loved walking back after a show and dinner (we ate dinner around 11 p.m. each night) and the place was still buzzing with crazies and people. I could sit there all night and watch the people pass by.We went to our room and changed into more comfy clothes (puffy jacket and tennis shoes) and went back out with the intention to just enjoy the surroundings...a perfect way to end my birthday. Best part of the night was getting to be on a HUGE billboard in Times Square (poorly captured but captured nonetheless).

I'm still attempting to catch up on all the sleep I lost. Going to bed at 3 in the morning every night maybe wasn't such a great idea. Or maybe...I'm just getting old.

p.s.Another service and The Academy Awards. Our feet were crying out to just rest after 3 days of walking around relentlessly.

p.p.s. Next time you're in a hotel room and directly across from another hotel, be sure and close your blinds at matter the time. If you don't you just might have to 2 friends drinking Jamba Juice and laughing at your naked self. Oh the things we saw...


banananutmeg said...

I know what you mean about coming back from a trip and not wanting to log the entire thing. It's consuming. We saw MammaMia! last month and enjoyed it. Glad you had fun in NYC, happy birthday!

lyn. said...

I think the only thing you missed doing in NYC, that was worth doing, was taking a ride in the Cash Cab... LOL

Rochelle said...

Seven perfect pictures to describe your trip! Thanks for sharing! Glad you had a blast.

brittany said...

sounds perfect! you deserve it! welcome to your 30's.

Courtney said...

I'm sorry I never wished you a happy birthday. What a horrible friend I am. I'm glad that you had such a great time in New York! It's a place I would love to go back to. It was so fun when I was there! What a way to spend your birthday! Love you!

Mayday said...

So much fun! I hope to get to do something like that with my bestie one day.

Sarah said...

SO FUN!!! What a perfect way to turn 30! :) I totally know what you mean about having to go through all of the pictures, pick and choose and then log the whole thing. It is overwhelming! I love the pictures you chose, I can imagine your weekend perfectly and am incredibly jealous :) It looks and sounds like it couldn't have been more perfect.

PS - I LOVE the jumbotron picture!!

Morgan said...

I'm so glad to hear that you had such a great trip and a fabulous birthday!