Thursday, February 03, 2011

{Yays + Boos}

YAY:Happy Chinese New Year! I'm making egg rolls, pot stickers and chow mein for dinner. I am proud to be 1/4 Chinese!
BOO:No boo for this holiday!YAY:We use a lot of Aquaphor in our house. We're talking tubs of greasy goodness. Between three kids we've only had to deal with diaper rash about 5 times and I know it's because we use this stuff. We use it in place of diaper rash cream and slather it on cheeks and lips during these windy Santa Ana days we're having.
BOO:I know a lot of you are having super cold weather (I sure don't miss living in the Midwest during the Winter) right now so feel free to roll your eyes, but it's a bit disappointing when we look out the window and the sun is shining with blue skies making you want to go outside only to be blown over with those cold gusty winds. Sneaky weather.YAY:A big huge YAY from Mailee these days for our couches. They provide a wonderful Jonas barrier. You'll find a lot toys behind the couch now.
BOO:I think Jonas is starting to catch onto her plan.YAY:Netflix is the only way I see movies these days. Though I miss going to the movies I love that I can watch movies in the comfort of my own home.
BOO:Because I don't go to the movies or watch commercials on TV I have no idea what the new releases are. Anyone have good sites to find out movies that are new releases?YAY:Target and Jamba Juice runs. Two of my favorite places.
BOO:Must cut back on those fun runs. The people at Jamba Juice don't even ask me what I want anymore, they just know.YAY: Project "Landscape the back yard" should be happening this year...fingers crossed.
BOO:We have a few gophers that Bret's been doing battle with. Digging up their tunnels, flooding them out then taking them down with the shovel are the only things Bret thinks about these days. After kissing him the other day he had this look on his face...I thought it was because of my extraordinary kissing skills, so I asked him WTF (why the face - name that show), he then started spouting off ideas about the gophers. My kisses have nothing on killing gophers apparently.YAY:We have such awesome friends and family. Sending texts, emails, cards and making phone calls to Ella. She's feeling much better.
BOO:A letter is now expected in the mail everyday.

YAY:Have you seen this site? Faces of the rejected Bachelorettes? Love it!
BOO:I just had to find out how much longer Michelle Money would be on the show. I find myself itching to punch her in the face most of the time, then wanting her hair the other half of the time. I gave in and read Reality Steve and found out the rest of the show. Now I'm regretting it ... a little bit.

Have you seen the Utah based movie she's in?

I wanna hear your Yays and Boos. They obviously can be about anything (I mean, hello...I just wrote about slathering stuff on bums, gophers and The Bachelorette for goodness sake!)


Rochelle said...

I use aquaphor on my babies bottoms too! It's the best ever.

I was tempted to read reality steve just yesterday but I was strong.

P.S. By the way... Your kids are the opposite of homely. I've been thinking about that horrible comment all morning.

Debbi said...

Yes, I agree with the comment above, I still can't get over the homely/plain comment. It bothers me someone would even say something like that, even if it were their opinion (which is CRAZZZY!) - it's just mean and hurtful to say to someone! Your whole family is amazing! Really!

okay - I haven't done this in a while but yays and boos
yay: look, Gage made your blog (kinda)!
boo: when I showed him the picture you sent he asked where her curly hair went...which means it's been WAY too long since we've seen you guys...3 years?

yay: we aren't snowed in! don't even have any
boo: nothing! I LOVE not being stuck in those crazy midwest winters

yay: washer and dryer
boo: the never ending laundry that is my job today. big boo:(

Caroline said...

That was a great post. It made me laugh!

{natalie} said...

We used to use cetaphil cream and love it. Now we use cetaphil lotion. It's so dry here.

Happy to make soft pretzels everyday
Happy to leave for S California in a few days
Boo two more days of work

Cherry Tree Lane said...

That website was priceless.

tvmom said...

I find my movies to watch from Screen It :

They also post reviews and describe why they give out certain ratings.

Cari said...

As odd as it sounds, is really up to date on new movies coming out-- indie and blockbuster alike. However, now I'm regretting reminding myself of that site because sometimes I would spend hours on it everyday watching trailer after trailer...

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of Chantal is awesome. She is definitely a crier, that girl. Haha! I have stayed away from reality Steve, this season is too fun! I want to be surprised :) I use rotten tomatoes a lot for finding what's out and good. Netflix is fantastic, we mostly use it through the xbox or google tv. It's great!

sheena said...

Michelle Money.

ACK!! I agree.....about the punching in the face and wanting her hair....ha!

The thing is, I cannot ESCAPE her. Everywhere I go here, someone is talking about her--I totally sat and listened to two girls talking about her at the gym the other day--one had gone to HS with her and said how crazy she was then too.

please tell me you known why she is famous here in Utah....and it's not because of her awesome movie career....she is nuts.