Sunday, February 06, 2011

{Sunday Photographs - 5}

It's amazing what $2 spent in L.A.'s Chinatown will get you. I replenished my sparkler stash for birthday celebrations and the girls scored their new favorite toy. Yesterday's visit to Chinatown was very fruitful indeed.

I wasn't that impressed with the Super Bowl's commercials. I was impressed with the amount of Chinese food our little family consumed while watching said commercials.

Ella and Mailee said they were cheering for the "Punkers".

It's a three way tie between what Jonas dislikes more...his breathing treatments, his eye drops or the antibiotics he has to gag down for his ear infection. Through it all he still gives you a smile.

That smile melts anyone who sees's the truth.

Did you know that Bret gives me a foot massage every night? I am one lucky girl.


banananutmeg said...

have you tried a Baby Einstein movie? Both Corbin and Quincy lived on the nebulizer as infants, and they would sit totally still if I put in an old VHS of baby Mozart. Eveb at 6 months old. It's like baby crack.

Worth a shot!

moo said...

MAN, Ella is going to have her momma's calves! :)

Slice of life said...

loving number 3 picture

brittany said...

love the parasols! your kids look adorable, as usual.

did i ever show you that one picture of all the girls in the field with parasols. every summer i tell myself i will take a picture like that, and i never do. boo!

Sarah said...

So cute! And a foot massage every night???? You are a very lucky girl! :)