Wednesday, February 09, 2011

{A pair}

While in Chinatown we acquired two new pets for the Grover household. I must admit they are really quite cute...and very small.=I told you there were little.

We haven't been able to agree on names for the little guys. Of course the girls have thrown out names such as Princess, Rainbow, and Strawberry.

Bret likes Dwight - after Dwight Eisenhower - for the littlest turtle since it's about the size of a fifty cent piece.

I like Chuck and Bruce. As in Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee...fitting since we got them in Chinatown no?

What do you think we should name them? We are taking name suggestions. If we happen to choose yours a mix of our current favorite songs and a pair of some of the new earrings I'm making in my shop are yours for the taking.


moo said...

I like Dwight...but after he grows up, the name won't really apply all that well. You should name them both Prince something......that way the girls can pretend they were once princes....oh wait, no, cause then they might try to kiss them and get their lips eaten off......

Rochelle said...

They are SO cute and tiny!

Bert and Ernie... Tom and Jerry... or Buzz and Woody. (all Graham suggestions... he's green with jealousy right now!)

Ashley Thalman said...

Oh my goodness.
How about rabbit and hare?

Um...I love turtles, they are my #1 favs. I could tell you fun factoids all day about them but, you know, I'm sure your man has more factoids than I do.

I have had two turtles, a box turtle that lived outside. My dad drilled a hole above its tail in the shell and put a super long aluminum chain on it. It was awesome.
The second turtle was a California desert turtle. It was massive and beautiful.

Whoa! Turtle confession!

Ginnie Coleman said...

Those are too big will they get? How about sushi and sashimi? NOT saying I would ever, but it sure will get some interesting looks when asked what their names are.

Maren said...

Scooter and Squirt

Jennilyn said...

What about Cheech and Chong...maybe not suitable for a kids pet. Have fun!

Katie said...

Melvin and Orvile

They look like groucy old men

Melanie said...

Go with the Ninja turtle theme!

Leonardo and Michelangleo?

Vivian Campbell said...

awesome creatures... just know you'll have those cute turtles for a long time, ours is 15 yrs old!

Kelly said...

How about Aesop, Dash, Zippy, or Snappy?

lyn. said...

Cara and Pace
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Fred and Ethel
Homer and Jethro
Jekyll and Hyde
Caesar and Cleo(patra)
Ben and Jerry
Punch and Judy
Mork and Mindy
Barnes and Noble
Ralph and Alice
Gumby and Pokey
David and Goliath
Laverne and Shirley
Amos and Andy
Peter and Wendy
Mutt and Jeff
Yin and Yang
Romulus and Remus
Bonnie and Clyde
Salt and Pepper
Butch and Sundance
Fish and Chips
Tarzan and Jane

banananutmeg said...

I like dwight, too! Instead of Chuck, how about Norris?

they are so cute I could eat them.
but I won't. because you shouldn't eat turtles.
unless you live in louisiana.

but maybe they need candy names?
like truffle and divinity.

Anonymous said...

I vote MooShu and LoMein.

Anonymous said...

Genghis and Mortimer are my favorites.


tvmom said...

I can just think of one name, "shelly"

Judy said...

BiteMe and Speed lol

Judy said...

or Crush and Squirt

Jayme said...

I like Leon, Jonathan, Zuse or Cashius for boys.
Jennifer, Xenia or Agnes for girls.
All cool turtle names :)

Leah said...

It has to be Frica and Fret. bahahhaaaaaa

Katie said...

Murphy and Leo

or maybe Sally (because it was my verification word)

Sarah said...

You are the coolest parents! My kids would die to get to bring home such fun little turtles. They are so little! I love your ring going for a ride on the turtle's back :)

What about Chuck and Norris? Cheech and Chong? I don't even know who those guys are, why are they the only names I can think of?

I also love the ninja turtle idea. A puppy and turtles? I'm not even telling my girls, they would be soooo jealous :)

Pattersons said...

pb & j...peanut butter & jelly! although i do like chuck and bruce:) i thought bret wanted to name one dwight after dwight schrute:)then you could name them dwight and jim!

Carrie said...

oh goodness! those are so cute. I am heading to China town here is San Fran I wonder if I could find some. My kids would love it. What do they eat?

Jo Ann Anderson said...

They are so cute!!! We always name our pets after favorite drinks. Like "Pepper" for Dr. Pepper and "Dew" for Mt. Dew. My vote would be Izzie and Coco...because they look like girl turtles. No idea for boy turtles. I do love chuck norris and bruce lee it seems fitting.

[Morgan] said...

um, you putting your rings on top really did it for me. cute!!!!

what do they eat?

Sarah said...

SO cute and tiny!
Wow, you are getting so many awesome suggestions....

I like Yin and yang or flotsum and jetsum.

Keeping with your girls theme you could do Aladdin and Jasmine, Ariel and Eric (or Flounder), Mulan and Mooshoo...etc.

If you want to 'race' them against each other, you could do something like saydee and beamer (mercedes and BMW), ferrari and jaguar, Honda and Toyota, etc.

How big will they get?

Sarah said...

Just thought of a couple more.... chip and dale or hansel and gretel.

Nours et Colibri said...

What about Murtle? We like Dwight and Norris too

Sean and Cari

Carrie-kins said...

my votes for PING&PONG! or KUNG & PAO!!!lol...those are the cutest little things iv'e ever seen...oh&the turtles too:)hehe

Jamie said...

Turtle Pants and Turtle Hat. You could call them Pants and Hat.

Cari said...

I AM SO JEALOUS!! I've wanted a tortoise for forever & Sean just agreed to think about it... those baby red-eared sliders are adorable!