Monday, February 14, 2011


Kids valentines for friends and loved ones were packed away in backpacks and the post office this morning.

I am making lemon sandwich cookies and homemade oreos for my Valentine. A naughty candygram was also put together for him. It's tradition you see.

He made the kids heart shaped pink pancakes this morning, placing his hand drawn valentines for each kid where they usually sit for breakfast.

He made me valentines that had inside jokes, memories and quotes in each one. Best. Gift. Ever. (simple is how we roll for this holiday).

I hope you enjoy your Monday...even if you don't like this made up holiday. For me it's just another day that I can show those I love how much I really do.

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Pattersons said...

yes! we're like you, simple is good and plenty. those valentines are soooo cute:) love them! happy heart day erica!

kristen said...

those valentine's are absolutely darling!

Anonymous said...

Kids are cute, naughty candygram is gross and defiles my mind. Your brothers do read this you know. -_-


Sarah said...

Such cute Valentines! I love them. The pictures of each of your kids could not be cuter. It sounds like your valentine's day was perfect. Simple and sweet, just the way it should be :)

The Perry Family said...

I saw this in redbook today and thought of you!


emlizalmo said...

Made your white chicken tortilla soup last night. I'm in love. All my kids ate it too. Wahoo!!!

The Pyper Fam said...

We agree with your V-day motto! Simple is best, and I love love love your cute v-day cards! Your kids are DARLING!