Thursday, January 20, 2011

{Yays + Boos}

YAY:Jonas finally decided he wanted to be more mobile. He's crawling and pulling himself up on everything and anything he can.
BOO:He's mobile. He can get into everything and does. His favorite things...power cords and anything he can choke on.YAY: Cafe Rio is officially opened here! Bret and I love this place. When we were first married we'd eat there at least three times a week. I often find myself craving it for days.
BOO:Cafe Rio is close enough for me to feed my craving.YAY:Have you played this game? I don't like video games much but this game is addicting. Bret is happy because I'm actually playing a game with him instead of having my nose stuck in a book while he plays solo.
BOO:This game has taken over our nights. No wonder why I'm so tired lately. It's even invaded my dreams! We're such nerds.YAY:It may be too soon to tell but I think we found a bottle Jonas will take (getting him used to a bottle for my NYC trip next month). After spending a small fortune on different nipples/bottles we found one he took right away without a fight. Getting him to drink formula is a different story. I think he's too old and knows there's better tasting things out there.
BOO: Small fortune on bottles...YAY:For friends with orange trees that share their sweet citrus fruit.
BOO:Haven't planted our own trees yet. Someday...YAY:The weather here lately has been wonderful. Park days, sandals, short sleeves and sun have all been enjoyed. Granted it's not the 80 degree weather we were enjoying last week but the forecast still makes me smile.
BOO:The wind. WOW! Hair in mouth, whipping my face type of wind. It's like this for the next month or so.

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Ginnie Coleman said...

We have a cord addict too. Kyle spent all of Saturday tucking cords underneath the fun!! Any plans to come back out for photo shoots?

{natalie} said...

Love cafe rio. We usually go there on Thursday's for lunch.

That orange bowl is awesome. Yay for fresh citrus.

Jonas is adorable. Good luck with formula. I'm gla he's taking the bottle, you will have so much fun in NY

Ps that weather sounds delightful!!

Mayday said...

Can you send some of your nice weather vibes this way? I have a feeling it will be a couple of months before we see anything like that. Jonas is so cute! It's amazing how fast they grow. Good luck with the crawling (I'm thankful Reggie is a lazy baby and finally only decided to roll over from back to front).

Caroline said...

I swear by those bottles!

Mimi said...

oh Cafe Riooooo!