Sunday, January 16, 2011

{Sunday photographs - 2}

A teether - see how he's holding his mouth. A grumpy post-napper. A worried puppy lover.Puppy got away. Girls are over it. He's delicious.It was in the upper 70's today. What better way to enjoy the day then by playing with the dried up worms in the gutters?Today we had left over pizza for dinner. It was a good break from the large family dinner we usually have (says the one that has to make it).

I kept looking at the clock waiting for naptime to be over so we could go outside and ride bikes.

Bikes came out. Tires were pumped. Biking races happened.

After baths the kids gathered on our bed. There's just something that lowers my stress level when smacking the kids with pillows. They laugh. I get it all out.

We read our fortunes from the Chinese fortune sticks the kids love to play with. I'll be watching the mail for an unexpected package of value to be arriving.

Discussed Golden Globe outfits with the "I'm-pretending-to-be-interested-so-you-will-make-out-with-me-during-commercials" Bret with the windows opened.

Riding bike and windows's January folks!

Three. The number of times I lost my temper with my kids today. That's progress.


Melanie said...

I like you Erica. I like that you lose your temper with your kids since and you'll post about it instead of pretending to be a perfect mom. You are so REAL. But with that said, I also think you ARE an amazing mom and those who pretend that they have perfect lives and never lose tempers are just lying or high on prescription drugs.

Keep blogging. I always look forward to your posts.

PS-- you have such children!

Slice of life said...

am loving picture one. Look at the doggies eyes?

It is saying to me, "Yeah, you get photographic evidence, I want McVet to see what the kids do to me. So I may have more treats"

and my word verification is fangibl apt I say

brittany said...

70 degrees sounds really good about now.