Sunday, January 30, 2011

{Sunday Photograph -4}

They were heading back home to Utah (didn't get a picture of my brother and sister-in-law before they left earlier that morning). We were heading to church.We said goodbye to visiting family this morning. My brother, his best friend, my other brother and his wife all came down for a visit. It was a quick visit, but a fun one for all.

Disneyland. The Sound of Music (the play). Movies. Talking. Games. 80 degree weather. Celebrating a birthday. Eating. Laughing.

Pretty much sums up our weekend.

I think, along with us, California is mourning the departure of friends and family. It's been raining nonstop all afternoon.

We ate leftover pizza for dinner, and currently enjoying some popcorn and hot coco while watching Swiss Family Robinson.

Jonas must stand up holding onto the couch - now if we could only get him to learn how to fall back on his behind and not his head. Ella is feeling much better and itching to get back to school tomorrow. Mailee is in love with her stuffed animal
from Disneyland - took her 4 months to earn it.

January is over...finally.

p.s. My brother and his friend Jesse are SINGLE, anyone wanna help me set them up on a few blind dates? Any pretty ladies you know that would be down with a blind date? These guys are great! Plus, how great of a blog post would their date be?


The Pyper Fam said...

Erica! You guys are always doing such fun stuff!!! :) And your kids are SO dang cute! Did I tell you I am in Hawaii right now??? We are on the big island, this is my first time on the big island. We are having a blast, just the two of us and no kids! But I am totally reminiscing about our BYU-H days! :) Also, I wanted to share a link to a website with you, one that I just found. You may (or may not) be interested in for your brother in the future! :) ha ha
Here is the link:

Slice of life said...

I only know girls in the UK. :(

Cristy said...

Aw! Those pictures are so cute!! (Seriously, I want to hold Jonas NOW!) So glad you guys had a great visit with everyone. I am looking at everyone's clothes and thinking, 80 degrees? Come on!

Rachel EM said...

Adam looks fabulous! I wish I had single friends that I could recommend for him.