Sunday, January 23, 2011

{Sunday photograph - 3}

This photo sequence brought to you by 3 little midgets who were a little over the top dramatic today.

Pictures snapped within in a 1 minute time frame....Ella was sick today, but you would think she was the only semi normal one in these pictures. Jonas was crying because he wanted to be held. He's teething. Mailee is crying because she just woke up from a nap and couldn't have a fruit roll up (I'm so mean).

Today was a challenge. My patience wasn't great so I was heavily relying on Bret to be the calm one today. Apparently his patience was about as nonexistent as mine was today.

There is a fine line between wanting to comfort and cuddle your sick kids and running away as fast as possible when they are whining, dramatic and crying at everything because of their sickness. Am I right?

I'm thinking tonight is one of those nights where I sneak into their rooms and whisper softly my "I love you's", "I promise to do better tomorrows" and my "I'm sorry's".

Not gonna lie though...I'm thinking all three of my Littles need to sneak into my room tonight and do the same thing.

p.s. As Bret and I sit here and look at this photo sequence over and over again we are laughing so hard. We were even tempted for a second to go upstairs and get them up...just for a second.


Melanie said...

Cracking me up. Such a range of emotions over only one minute.

Oh, those lack of patience days. That's my life story.

Rochelle said...

I love it! We've totally had days like that over here... like today for example. I'm seriously lacking in the patience department.

Sarie said...

It's so true... seeing a sequence of group photos is SO telling of their personalities.. I love that you do this...

And I hear you on the patience thing.. Jake and I just want to lie in bed on Sundays and relax, but our lives are so far removed from that! Matilda's teething.. she was up ALL night.. even with Motrin!

Sarah said...

I love the series. I love how different each picture is and how it changed so much in only an instant. Your kids are so cute. And no fruit roll up? You are so mean! ;) I can totally see why she would be pouting. The first picture pout is my favorite :)

Jessie said...

Love it!

I'm convinced that my kids are bipolar when they act like this!