Monday, January 17, 2011


I have all 3 midgets home today. I'm not showered. Sprout, gameboy, and the leapster are all on. Crayons, colored pencils and milk are covering the dining room table. Dog toys mixed with baby toys cover the family room floor - soo bugged by the dog toys mingled with the non. Library books and our Family Home Evening lesson book and a rolled up dirty diaper pepper the couch.

Yeah. It's a holiday today. Well, a holiday for some - The Mister has 8 surgeries today - so I guess the only ones who can claim it a holiday would be the little midgets who are making my house look like it's already been through a holiday.

That being MPM today. I can't think of anything I want or that would be more lovely than a shower right now. (well maybe one thing...a large container of Almond Roca)


hays said...

go for the almond roca!

Alison said...

again, like I said on facebook, thanks for being honest, real, and NORMAL!!! So glad my house is not the only one that looks this way from time to time and I agree, some days a shower is the most wonderful thing I could possibly have!

Carrie-kins said...

do you know how long it took me to figure out what "MPM" stood for??i finally got it!my brain has it's farts now&then:):)