Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{Hairy tradition}

Readers of this blog that have followed along our little family journey from the beginning know about our annual hairy tradition. Well, I suppose I can't say "our" tradition since I'm not the one growing and shaving but still tradition nonetheless.

Once a year Bret grows some facial scruff for me. I love it (as does's a great tool for tickling that little dude). Nothing wrong with a little facial hair on a man.

As is tradition the facial hair is grown and then shaved in steps, each phase of the shave is know for posterity sake and all that jazz (or just because Bret's hilariously funny coming up with different facial expressions). You never know what part he'll shave next.

Bret did this first thing in the morning which explains the sleepy eyes and bedhead hair.

Here's 2010's shave (please excuse my laziness but should you desire to see past years documentation of this event check out December or January of past years, as I have no desire to post links). See if you can spot the differences in each shot - the first shot is the before picture:

And here he is clean-shaven a few days later since I forgot to take the final picture the day of the shave:How do you prefer your man? Clean or scruff? I like both.
p.s. If you notice his eyebrows had a little trim as well. Nothing wrong with a little manly facial grooming right?


The Perry Family said...

My man and scruff are a must! He has had his scruff since we first started dating. It actually started on his senior trip 1996 and we started dating a few weeks later, but never the less. During the winter months, he is a duck hunter so he has a full on beard/stache motif. :)

Sarah said...

Haha! I love all of Bret's faces. He is an incredibly good sport. Christian shaves, usually on Sunday, and then grows scruff the rest of the week because he hates to shave. I think the scruff is super sexy, but so scratchy! So, I like both for different reasons :) It's good to mix it up, right? :)

Stephanie said...

bahahaha. loving the evolution from porn-start creepster to normal guy again.

(don't take that the wrong way. no one can rock the porn-stache in a non, well, porny way.)

i'm going to stop typing that word on your blog now.

Slice of life said...

is it me or does Brett look a little like Val Kilmer? I think it is the eyes

Jodiane said...

i love the scruff...and lots of it. forever.