Thursday, December 02, 2010

{Very, very, almost}

Letters to Santa were written after much thought. The furrowed brows of concentration, the contemplative quietness, and the indecision of it all while they wrote was pure entertainment.
Ella's letter:What I love about her letter:
.Her spelling. I love it!
.Number 8 and 9 - such a sweet little girl!
.I got a kick out of her little edit at the bottom. She was "very, very, almost good this year".

Mailee's letter:What I love about her letter:
.In case you can't tell her picture is of a Cinderella music/jewelry box. It's been on the top of her list for the past 8 months.

We saw this box at Disneyland the other day and as soon as she saw it she gasped and held it tight to her chest and begged and begged to get it right then. Bret had to pry a teary eyed little girl away from that section of the store so Santa could make a purchase. It was very cute to hear her say "Mom, that music box is my heart! I just love it!".

.The other requests she had made me laugh. She loves coins/money so it's no surprise she had that on her list (please excuse the child like writing...I wrote it fast while doing dinner).

If Jonas had a letter I'm sure he'd ask for Gerber apple puffs, bath toys and for his 4 bottom teeth that have been making him a grumpy little dude to come in ASAP!

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[Morgan] said...

a vacashan for mom and dad?
she's a doll.

very cute.

Katie said...

those are the cutest! you are so smart to document them. i love it!

Jo Ann Anderson said...

Two questions. Where did you get the cute Santa List paper? I am in charge of the ward Christmas party this year and the paper would be perfect. Second, what do you do with all your letters to keep them stashed until the kids are old enough?

{Erica} said...

Jo Ann - I got the paper and the envelopes from Disneyland. They were passing them out to everyone and you could take as many as you liked at the time. That was last month. We are going back on Friday and I can look to see if they still have them.

What you can't see is the bottom where there is a dog by the presents. The papers were a promotion for the disney channel movie "Santa Paws" not sure you'd want them still, but let me know.

As for the storing of letters. I don't do anything cute or crafty like I'm sure you do or would come up with. I store them in a binder in plastic sleeves and keep them in a special box with our Elf on the Shelf book and Elf. It's a box that is labeled so we know the kids can't help open that box. I also scanthe letters each year and store them digitally.

Pattersons said...

it's so uplifting that your children are honest in their requests! so cute:)

Sarah said...

I love the letters. Ella's "almost" is perfect, I love it. My girls are asking for really similar things but somehow a vacation for me and Christian didn't make the list. What a sweetheart!

Hope you guys are having so much fun getting ready for Christmas. Love you guys!

brittany said...

i always love reading what they write, and her ring is so cute. a fashionista in the making. nice work mom!

Janey said...

Love the letters - especially Ella asking for something for her brother and sister! So cute. :)