Saturday, December 25, 2010


::Christmas Eve::
Didn't take too many pictures. The day was spent prepping for dinner that night. Sugar cookies were made and ready to be frosted and a lot of cooking was done throughout the day.Of course we had to have the Welsh's traditional punch. Dry ice was located and the punch was made.

When I asked the lady at Walmart if they carried dry ice she looked at me as if I was crazy and said "Umm, dry ice is only used for science projects and can only be found at specialty stores". I'm positive the look I gave back to her was same one she gave me...however I wasn't the crazy one!Company arrived. We ate. We frosted and sprinkled. We played - Bret broke out our original Nintendo system for the occasion. We did our talents - many laughs and memories made. We played board games - I won Settlers thankyouverymuch. We played the Wii - tears from laughing so hard might've happened to more than one person.Then around 1 in the morning we sent our dear friends on their way and began the oh-so-fun part of playing Santa and filling stockings and placing the last of the gifts under the tree.::Christmas Morning::
Begging to come downstairs. Bret and I prolonging the wait period while we got the video camera and camera ready. Made them brush their teeth and sing Jingle Bells twice. Finally they came down. Wrapping paper, bows, boxes everywhere. Squeals of joy. Batteries. Scissors. Cursing the toy companies and the way they package their toys. Laughing. Hugs. Clean up. Family time. Dinner with friends. Ate too much.I had the girls show me their favorite gifts. After lots of thought this is what they decided on...for that moment (3 minutes later their favorites had already changed).As for Jonas he is in love with his balloon. The loud grunting and screaming that happens when it leaves his sticky little hands is both entertaining and sad. He also just couldn't get enough of the mp3 radio the girls got. He'd rock and dance to the music.

I can't believe Christmas is already over. I am sad that another year of celebration has come to an end. I only hope that in the middle of Summer me and mine will be able to be just as aware of the true reason for this celebration while tanning at the beach as we are at this moment.

We are blessed.


Slice of life said...

merry christmas Grover Family. I hope you had a fab day. Wishing you all a fantastic new year!

banananutmeg said...

merry Christmas!

William said...

Oh the wonderful memories of kids when they were young! Glad you had such a fun time! I recognize several of our time honored traditions you have making the kids wait to come see the presents! Sure did miss you for Christmas. Next year....????!!!!

Love ya,


brittany said...

i wish we'd kept out old skool nintendo. we got rid of it a few years back in one of our moves. your kids are adorable. glad you guys had a great Christmas.

Leilani G said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Erica and cute little family! I'm curious, what's in the punch??

Mimi said...

I love that you have a Nintendo! Your kids are so adorable. Sam plays with a punch ball too... sometimes he gag's on the rubber band. I should take it away, but he loves it too much!

I wish I lived there and could pay you to mentor me in photography!! Your pictures are perfect! Try as I might... always in manual... always the wrong something- I can't get it right. I don't spend enough time trying, but I can't take a picture this perfect indoors to save my life!

At least I can come to your blog and enjoy the perfectly exposed, focused, composed indoor pictures EVER!

Love the holiday traditions! Merry Christmas!

Mimi said...

I guess Christmas is over...woopsie. Happpy New year!