Wednesday, December 22, 2010

{Christmas break - day 3}

It's been raining since Sunday. Do I let the rain wash away our Christmas Spirit? Tempting? But no.

Today we've decided that if we can't go outside due to weather we'll pretend it's a snow storm instead.Cutting snowflakes (and hopefully hang them around the windows) will make it more of a "Winter Wonderland" around here we think.The girls also wrapped their gifts they got each other and decorated the paper.

I really love their art. Mailee's signature Hello Kitty stamp on all her work and Ella's detailed snowflakes (all over the paper) = love.

They also decided to add bows to all the rest of the packages I had done. Everything looks better with a little sparkle right?On a completely different note...anyone else out there having a hard time finding new places every day for their Elf?

We've already made the mistake of forgetting to move Red (our Elf's name). We remedied that by setting an alarm on our phones each night. Now if we could just find places to put him...



The Bucks said...

I too am having a hard time finding new and inventive places for "Mater" (yes named after Cars) the elf. I have finally started asking the kiddos where they think "Mater" will be and then strategically placing him there so that they know he is "listening."

lyn. said...

We don't have to worry about moving the elf because we have elves...

Once they strategically appear, between Black Friday and Christmas, they never move until they catch a ride home with Santa on Christmas Eve!!

banananutmeg said...

in the silverware tray of the (empty or clean) dishwasher
in the cereal bowls
On the toilet paper roll
tucked into a rainboot by the umbrellas (maybe he went out for a walk in the rain?)

Sarah said...

Haha, we've forgotten to move Buster (our elf) twice now. Anna said that maybe they (the girls) get up too early and he has to hurry and hide and can't think of a new spot that fast so he goes where he was. I completely support that theory :) Buster's on our chandelier today, was in the gravy boat in one of the glass cabinets in our kitchen yesterday, and on top of a speaker in the living room the day before... we are running out of ideas too! Only 2 more places to think of, right? :)

We made a ton of snowflakes the beginning of December and I hung them from the ceiling with string in the girl's room and they LOVE it. I definitely miss the snow at Christmas. Especially when it's stormy and raining :)

Bri said...

Ha, we totally do have similar wrapping! Love it!