Monday, December 20, 2010

{Christmas Break: Day 1}

It's the first day of Christmas break (if you don't count the weekend).

I have mixed emotions about this time with my kids. I love them. I love to be with them. What I don't love is the roller coaster of emotional expression going on between them and towards me.

Don't get me wrong. The noisiness of laughter and playing is a beautiful sound...but high pitched-chipmunk-like whining and bickering is already starting to drive me a bit nutso!

Emotions skewed by excessive amounts of fudge and late nights are probably the reason but WOW...

To save my sanity and their little lives (I kid?) I do a lot of crafting and planning out the days during this break time.

Today's craft, requested to be repeated by Ella who missed out the first go-round last week because she was at school, is fun and easy.

pipe cleaners. bells. egg carton. paint.

twist pipe cleaners and stick through egg carton segment. attach bell (I got 20 for $1) to pipe cleaners.


Hang on doorknob, tree or any other place their little heart desires.

That'll give you at least one good hour of non chipmunk-like whining and something fun for your kids to do.

Letting them play with the left over pipe cleaners will probably buy you at least another hour. My girls decided to make bracelets for every single stuffed animal they own.


p.s. I also have to make note - journaling purposes- that we will also be hitting up IKEA today. Bret is home today, and I think between the two of us we have mustered enough courage to brave that place the week of Christmas. Wish us luck!

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Jennifer said...

those are really cute! i might have to try them as i'm about to go nutso too! love their voices around the house but hate the fighting!