Thursday, December 16, 2010

{A festive night}

Last night we did a few of our traditional Christmas activities. I had no desire to pick up the camera and was pleased to see that both girls took their trusty little kid camera and documented the night themselves (not sure if I should be happy or worried that they feel like the camera must be present in our everyday lives...)

I have to say I think they have a great eye for pictures. I'm also very happy that they decided to document last night, it's a very rare occasion when you see pictures of me, let alone me and my kids.We gathered by the tree to play our Nativity memory game.The Nativity story was told while using the homemade felt puppets. This year no one fought over who was Mary or the was a Christmas miracle I tell you!I had fun with my Little's. Taking pictures, telling stories and playing the games. We even practiced for our family talent show coming up - you can never practice a somersault too many times apparently. We were missing Bret, who was on call and at the hospital sewing a dog's ear back on...The girls of course counted all the presents and asked (begged) if they could open them. That seems to be a Christmas tradition in this house as well.A favorite game they played last night was "Store". The ornaments on the tree were presents for family members and friends and our calculator acted as the cash register. I think the tree was halfway undecorated by the time they were done with that game.Then Bret came home and all was well in our little world (a giggling photographer told us to kiss.)

We ended the night reading "Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree", another favorite in our house.

This time of year is so wonderful with all sorts of little traditions I look forward to doing with my family all year long.

'Tis the season for traditions!

p.s. I know you're all jealous of my awesome drawing skills. Check out that mistletoe...


{natalie} said...

i love that our kids are at an age where they can enjoy the traditions. i hope they will remember them.

my kids have asked everyday since dec 4 (when my MIL brought a boat load of present to drop off under our tree) if they can open them. it's driving me nuts!

9 more days!

Pattersons said...

so glad the girls got out the cameras so we could all enjoy your evening with you too!:)

Sarah said...

I love seeing your beautiful face! :) I love the pictures your girls took, it's so fun to see things from their perspective. And I love all the traditions. This time of year is my favorite! :)