Monday, November 29, 2010

{Recap and a kick off}

9 hours instead of 5...that's the story of our trip home yesterday. So much for breaking up the trip home to make it short and sweet for little Jonas.

But it was worth it.

Thanksgiving. Turkey. Turkey Trot 5k. Farkle. iPad - Angry Birds is an addicting game. Photo sessions. Movies. Laughing. Shopping. Talking. Eating. DRIVING.

Wanna know what you thought about this:Saw it. Loved it. Not going to let my girls watch it as they requested. A little too dark and scary for them - I might've covered my eyes a few times.Today we are hanging out with our best friends at Disneyland. It's magical this time of year. What better way to kick off the Christmas season than to be with family at Disneyland?!

Happy Monday. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARISTY - you rock in the sister-in-law department.


Cristy said...

I loved HP! So glad they're splitting the last book into a two-parter. Deservedly so.

So glad you guys finally made it home, and had a great Thanksgiving!

Janey said...

I loved Deathly Hallows too! Completely the right decision to split it in two, not only were they able to retain all the best parts of the book, but it also allows us fans to delay that inevitable mourning period once the final ever film is out!

I laughed and cried in equal measure, and absolutely cannot wait until July!

I agree re darkness though - probably a bit too scary for younger children. :)

Jaime Stephens said...

Wow Disneyland looks so pretty this time of year wish I could just go for the day too... Glad you had a good holiday.

Pattersons said...

welcome back! glad to hear you had a fantastic time:) hp was awesome! and yes, there were some scary parts...the snake! but i cannot wait to see part 2!!! have fun at disneyland:)

Karisty said...

Glad you made it home eventually, we loved seeing you guys! Sorry we weren't able to say goodbye. Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes.

Cassie and Mitch said...

We loved HP too! A little slow and drawn out in certain parts (but that is how book 7 is). But all in all it was great! My fave part are all the different Harry's! Can't wait to see the last one!

{natalie} said...

I didnt see HP. I am so far behind.

I love turkey and wish I had leftovers.

So sorry about your crappy long drive!

Josh and Kandice said...

Loved HP! So excited for the last one but it will be bittersweet...the end of my favorite movies and favorite books. Disneyland looks awesome at Christmas!

A Different Drum said...

I love Disneyland at Christmas even more! Have fun!