Monday, November 15, 2010

{Gratitude - day 9}

A best friend.

We can finish each other's sentences.

She held my hand while I gave birth to my first baby.

We have inside jokes and crazy stories galore.

Our husbands (who happen to be best friends also) know when we get together they are in for a crazy time.

Everyone needs a best friend. I've been blessed to have so many close and dear friends, and even more blessed to have my "bestest of best friends" with me for 15 years now.

Today I am thankful for a best friend.


Rochelle said...

totally agree. best friends are the greatest. you are awesome for holding on to one for 15 years!

{natalie} said...

I agree! I have been friends with my neatest friend since 3rd grade. I really wish we lived closer together. Love the instax shots still!

Leah said...

Has it really been 15 years? It seems like just yesterday when you tackled that girl for me in Junior Jazz and walked your way home!!!

Pattersons said...

too sweet! best friends are a necessity in life:)

Sarah said...

I love the picture of the polaroids. Best friends are one of the greatest gifts in this life. How on earth would we get on without them?

Brittany said...

Leah is so beautiful and fun! I'm lucky she's my cousin!