Wednesday, November 10, 2010

{Gratitude - Day 6}

Computer is back and virus free. YAY!A creative mess.Come to my house and our table is always covered with the creative mess my girls create on a daily basis.

The table is home base for projects, homework, and art supplies.

Yes there are some days where Bret and I tire of finding googly eyes in the couch crevices (along with a squished Junior mint or other food product), or dried bits of play dough peppering the dining room floor, or specks of glitter on our faces, but those days are few and far between. Usually finding those things puts a smile on our faces, happy that they love to create.

Today I am thankful for a creative mess.


Cherish Stockdale said...

that looks alot like my table too ;)

{natalie} said...

me too! i am typing among: my camera, a spool of twine, a ramekin of dried beans (left over from yesterday's project), homework and ralph s mouse.

somedays i really wish i had one of those spotless homes but really who lives in those?

Cassie and Mitch said...

I want to get Hallie art supplies for Christmas like beads and stuff, she loves art, but I am nervous my other little lady will clean the floor up herself when something falls. How do you keep the dangerous stuff out of your little man's reach. Rolling around opens a whole new world for the babies!

brittany said...

glad your computer is back to normal! our table looks like this on most days as well. i am always finding broken crayons, stickers and tape in the most random places :)

Ali said...

yay, glad your computer is better. Thanks for taking the time to comment back on where you got your play food, I appreciate that!

I've been all stalkery and have been trolling your archives (I'm new!) the past two days. I love it! Especially the music you have tucked in, it really sets a fun tone that fits with your posts. I've discovered a whole bunch of new-to-me music just from going through past entries.

Happy Wednesday! :)