Tuesday, November 02, 2010

{Gratitude - Day 2}

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't utter a prayer of thanks for our home. It's the place where I love to be. It's our safe haven. It's where learning, growing, loving, expanding, teaching, laughing and much more happen.

Home is where the heart is
And warmth and love abound.
Home is where warm, circling arms
Go all the way around.

Home is where there's Father,
With strength and wisdom true.
Home is where there's Mother,
And all the children too.

Home is where our Father,
Who dwells in Heav'n above
Guides us in the way we live
And let's us feel His love

I am thankful for our home.

What are you thankful for today?


Pattersons said...

i'm thankful for this growing being inside of me...even though the nausea is in full force, i still count it a beautiful blessing!:)

M Occasionally B said...

I love our home too and am grateful for it as well. It's so wonderful to have a place in the world where I always feel safe....but today I am mostgrateful for my awesome Mom. She was my very first sell from Etsy shop today. You have to love a Mom that will sign up for Etsy just to buy something you made. Especially when I would have just given it to her.

Sarah said...

Such a beautiful home! :) I love your gratitude posts, they are perfect. Today I am grateful that the Giant's won the world series! Woohoo!!! It has been SO FUN around here. I love it! :)