Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{Sunday inspired}

Every Sunday I look forward to clicking over to my friend Sarah's little spot on the WWW to see how she captured her little beauties today, (I also can't get over how eloquently and beautifully she can capture my sentiments for my children through words she writes to her own little ones - such a delightful writer she is!).

Sarah has been taking a Sunday photo of her girls for months now and it's been one of my favorite places to visit on Sunday evenings.

I was so inspired by her idea that for the last few months I've been doing the same thing.

I just moved over a lot of personal family photos to my external hard drive (something I do every 2 weeks or so) but did have the last two Sundays still on the computer and wanted to post them. From now on I will try and post them on Sundays as well. With or without words.

The purpose of this blog from the beginning has always been to have a place to keep record, to share, to remember. Doing this little Sunday photo project goes along perfectly with that goal.
Even in the two months I've been doing this it's been so fun to look back at the photos and see what they are wearing (usually cozy mismatched clothes that they speedily change out of as soon as we're home from church), and the interaction between the kids. Each personality comes out in the photo and I love it.

Feel free to participate and do a weekly Sunday photo of your own, and if you so desire, share a link to your photo each Sunday.


Anne-Marie said...

Oh how I miss you guys!! There is a shirt at work that says "I love my bike" and I think of you every time I see it. One of these days I'm just gonna buy the dumb thing and send it to you!

Sarie said...

You're AWESOME Erica. And I love how we're "friends", even though we aren't in real life, i know we will be soon!

So glad you're spreading the word about doing Sunday photos. You'll be so glad you have them!!


Pattersons said...

great idea! thanks:)

Anonymous said...

I miss that chunktastic nephew of mine! Wow the girls are growing up way too fast...slow down!

-Uncle Mike

Lynn said...

what a great idea. they grow too fast. what a cute pic of high flying jonas.