Monday, October 11, 2010

{No. 133}

1. I love Fall decorations. Don't get me wrong we have a few glitter skulls, black crows and skeletons around the house at the moment, but that's the extent of our Halloween decor. I prefer decorating with generic, non-holiday related Autumnal decor. These candles would be great and could be left out from now until Christmas.

2.I've posted about this at least twice in the past but I just love my minted rose lip balm. I also am a sucker for good packaging and this little tin it comes in is super cute.

3.A classic cardigan silhouette with a more trendy print. I would use this all the time.

4. I need this updated version of a jean skirt. I've been on the lookout for one that has this cut and no slit in the back. SCORE!

5. These boots are good looking and easy on the wallet. I just wonder how long they will last? Anyone have these?

6. I'm currently wearing "Baby it's coal outside" by OPI, the blue glitter inside makes it a little more girly than just plain black. It's the only black polish I have, however, I wouldn't mind adding this black glittery polish to my growing OPI collection.

7. Last week I posed about adding a little sparkle on your ears. This week let's talk about some sparkle on your arm? I'll take one of each please. Get it now and save it for my birthday and Christmas presents (hint, hint).


Mike and Dejah Morris said...

Cute skirt, where is it from?

Leah said...

Love those boots...flat and brown but I too wonder how long they'll last and how many other people will have them!

Sarah said...

I have never painted my nails black... but you have me thinking that I should... it would work well this month especially, right? :)

Those boots are really cute, and an amazing price! Katie has some boots from old navy that I bought last year and they held up so much better than I thought they would. They still look great. I'm not sure if those boots would last as well, but they might! And for that price, why not try them out? :)

Cherry Tree Lane said...

i think you might like this. YUMMM!

Parkside View said...

I had no idea rosebud salve was still around! They do not make the tins to look vintage...that stuff is the real deal, and my Grandma T. would buy the stuff by the case. Holy cow, this post took me back! Thanks.

Heather Johnson said...

I have the boots. Bought them last year. I have really loved them. They held up all season and show no sign of wear at all. Best part, I got so many compliments on them I cant even tell you. Everywhere I went people loved them, and they thought I paid a fortune for them.

chelsea said...

i LOVE the skirt? where is it from?