Tuesday, October 19, 2010

{For love of the game}

Soccer...soccer...soccer. Until next month soccer is what it's been all about at our house (from August-November).Ella is the youngest (and the shortest by at least a foot or two) in her AYSO U8 league. The cut off is 10 days after her birthday. I admit I was worried for her when I found that out but she soon put my fear to rest.That girl is agressive and down right speedy! Granted she does have to be reminded to watch the game while playing defense and not worry about the dirt on her hands or the crying kid on the sideline, but when she gets her head in the game (cue High School Musical song) she's awesome!Bret can't wait to coach next season!
Ella's #1 fans.
For these soccer playing, soccer loving parents, watching her love the game as much as we do makes the long practices twice a week and giving up our Saturday mornings worth it.

I am however, not looking forward to next year where there will be twice the practices and basically nothing but soccer on Saturdays from August to November.

Go Lightning Boltz!


hays said...

similar posts today. and even same colors.

that ella is a beauty...even in a soccer jersey.

Cristy said...

Tomorrow is our last day! Hurrah! Not that I haven't loved watching Will play or anything, but good gravy, the late nights and chasing kids all over the side-lines... I'm ready for it to end! I'm so glad Ella loved playing and kept up with the older players. I'm sure that was a good way for her to grow and push her a little harder. Go Lightning Bolts!

Sarah said...

Ella could not be cuter in her soccer uniform! She is so beautiful. I love all of the pictures and love that she's loving something as much as her parents - so fun!!

brittany said...

i love love love watching little kids play soccer. she looks like an awesome player and totally adorable in her uniform. i can't believe you have practice twice a week. we only have it once a week and there are no positions yet. i think they need to step up their game around here!!

{Erica} said...

Oh yeah they are serious around here about soccer! Practice twice a week for an hour and a half. They have positions - Ella is right defense and sometimes forward. It's good to start them young!