Thursday, September 09, 2010

{personal produce}

When my Mom came out to help after the birth of Jonas she thought it would be fun to have the girls help plant a little garden outside our kitchen door for easy access.

Herbs (Italian parsley, sage, rosemary, pineapple mint, cilantro etc.), a couple varieties of tomatoes, peppers, a lemon tree, and a Gardenia and Jasmine plant were all purchased and planted in the back yard.This mini patch of edibles has been so fun to have. Sending the girls or Bret out to get some tomatoes for the salad or herbs for dinner has been wonderful and made me even more excited for the raised garden boxes I'm hoping to have in the somewhat near future. It'll be like my own Farmer's market in my back yard and I can't wait!

Do you have raised garden boxes? Any do's or don'ts I should know about?

Do you have a tried and true recipe for salsa?

What's one thing you think I must have in my garden?


Slice of life said...

our must grow herb is rosemary. keep this in a large pot, else it will grow huge and shade anything else you put near it and become twiggy..

we had raised beds in our last home, for optimum output, we had 4 raised beds this meant we had complete control over crop rotation that means you shouldnt get disease in the soil. nerdy moment now, we catelogued what produce was in where so we didnt put things in the same place as the past 2 years...

I cant grow carrots, in some soils I just dont think they grow.

raspberries are a joy. and totally delicous straight from the garden.

it is also fining out what zone you are in for gardening, so you dont waste your time on something that just wont grow.

as you are in California, I doubt there is much you cant grow there.

if possible, we always watered our tomatoes with rain water. it seemed that they didnt wilt as much? We had a water barrel from our greenhouse.

that is about it I think.

McKelle said...

What kind of tomatoes are the yellow ones? We planted 4 tomato plants (one cherry, the rest...who knows what). I don't know why considering I'm the only one in our family who likes them. Next year we won't plant so many. I have tomatoes coming out of my ears. Next year I think we'll do zucchini since my kids and husband love it. We also have raspberries and rhubarb.

Sarah said...

Oh I miss our garden! We moved right when we should have been planting our garden so we don't have one at our new house. I miss it! Fresh garden tomatoes make it so hard to go back to store bought ones. One of my favorite things that we grew last year was lemon cucumbers - so yummy. We usually have a few herbs growing - basil, oregano, parsley and rosemary are our staples. I have tried and failed with cilantro every single time I've planted it. I am doing something so wrong. Maybe I'll get lucky at our new house! :)

Pattersons said...

i would love to plant my own garden someday:) for sure i'd like to have an herb garden-we'd definately get lots of use out of that. those tomatoes you have there look de-licious!

A Different Drum said...

Lemon tree = jealous! My sister had one in Cali and I loved her amazing homemade lemonade! (and Limeade too!) Sorry, I've never had a garden so I can't offer any advice. Those tomatoes look divine - someday, someday I'll have a garden of my own! :) Good luck on your own Farmer's Market - sounds like a delicious idea. (You should include a breakfast burrito booth!)

karen and cameron said...

we have 4 raised garden boxes in back and I still don't know the first thing about them. I have a book called the Vegetable Gardeners Bible and am planning to read it one day. It talks all about raised gardens.

Lynn said...

Definately definately plant artichokes. They are big though so give them plenty of space. Same goes for tomatillos. One plant produces a ton of fruit.

In general I like to plant rare varieties of things that I either can't find at the store or that are expensive to buy. For instance - for the space that one zucchini plant takes up I can have three Japanese eggplants and I can find zucchini anywhere. I also do stuff that is fun for the kids. For instance rainbow chard (which they don't really eat but it's beautiful and fun - I think it's great with a little garlic and live oil myself) or burgandy green beans - which turn green when you cook them (same for colored carrots).

Don't wait till next summer to get started! You live in CA. Even up here in the NW I can grow quite a few things year round. Carrots and root vegetables actually taste better after a cold snap. (Raised boxes are a neccesity for things like carrots which need good deep soil with no rocks and stuff to make them grow straight)

Try to find a local seed purveyor and request a catalog - I like Territorial Seed - which is in Oregon but I'm sure they have good seeds for your climate. I spend months pouring over the crazy varieties of stuff.

Target actually carries some cool seeds too. Check out the Sean Conway brand.

Anyway I could go on forever about this subject - don't even get me started on fruit trees and berries! I'll be in BNG this weekend - maybe we will cross paths in the mothers lounge again.

Heres a recent post I did about our garden this year. It would have been much better if we had sun. :)