Thursday, September 23, 2010

{Party on!}

If you were to stop by our house today I'm 100% positive that you would find at least in 3 rooms of the house a lovely spread of food and tea.
{Family room}
Mailee's obsession with having tea parties or playing restaurant is at an all time high. She cooks, takes orders and of course, orders you around.

I remember Ella doing the same thing. Completely and utterly lost in the tea partying world.
{the stairway landing}
At times it's a bit much for me to have to continuously sit and be in her world, but then she says something so divinely funny ("Be grateful for the cheese fishes you have Mama, 'cause other people in the Earth probably want a fish cracker but are sad 'cause they only have a pretzel stick or something"), or I see how much she's into this pretend play and I remind myself that soon she won't want to play with me or be obsessed with such simple things. She's already showing signs of being into that Justin "Beaver" kid and wanting to watch "real shows" on TV.When I put it that way, I am totally down with getting my feet poked with wooden pieces of food and stepping over tables of tea party goods on the stairs.

Stay little for a bit longer Miss Mailee. Mmmmkay?


Sarah said...

Katie is totally in to the tea party/cooking/getting toy food and dishes all over the house/ordering mommy around stage too :) I do love to hear everything that's going on in her little mind, it is so fun.

I love Mailee's telling you to be happy with your fishies since some other poor people only have pretzel sticks! Oh the humanity! ;)

Slice of life said...

where did all the fruit, cookies and muffin/cupcakes come from? they would make a brilliant christmas gift for my 3 year old neice... exactly 3 months today! can you tell I am excited

The Perry Family said...

so cute!! I would be rich if I had a dollar for everytime my children say Justin BEAVER! ha

Shar said...

That's really cute! Yeah... you'll miss that when it's gone.

Ali said...

do you know where the play food came from? My little girl is getting a kitchen for Christmas, and these are the cutest foods I've seen. (9/23/10 post)