Monday, September 13, 2010

{No. 121}

I am team teaching preschool this year with an awesome friend. Today is the first day and it's my week. Everything is ready to go and my lesson plan is printed. Fingers crossed I can teach these kids's exciting yet intimidating to me.Speaking of kids...I'm in the process of again making my own baby food. I did this for both girls and after I got into a routine it was pretty simple and my girls ate the baby food way better than the store bought kind.

I found these two books the other day. So far I've really enjoyed what I've read.

Anyone else out there have suggestions on books or want to share how they did they baby food?
I'm on the lookout for some cute, comfortable and colorful pumps for the upcoming colder months. Seychelles are one of the places I look first. I'm digging these two pumps.Wore this necklace yesterday and had about 5 people ask me where I got it. Love this necklace. Love the pearls with the rope. Love the price.I'd be lying if I said that Urban Outfitters quilts are super warm...cause they're not. But I don't really have to worry about that living where I live. I'm such a sucker for their quilts. The prints and the colors make such great backgrounds when photographing and always look good in a room.

The rich and bold colors of this Bohemian quilt would be awesome to use during the next few months. (I've always waited for the quilts to go on sale and snag them at $30-$50 instead of the full price!)Love these both. From my favorite store - please for the love,stop calling it "Anthro". Ew.Digging this mini collection by OPI. I enjoy dark colored polish and vampy looking nails. I just might have to get this little rocker collection for myself. Anyone tried out some of the colors in this collection?

What's your favorite polish color for Fall? My old stand by is "Lincoln Park After Dark" or "Lincoln Park After Midnight".

Happy Monday!


Krista said...

love the yellow cardi and sorry but..."anthro" saves me 3 syllables

Brielle said...

I just have one question - what is "homemade baby food"? My baby just eats mashed up fruits in the morning and mashed up veggies at lunch. I use my food grinder and feed my him whatever we're eating for dinner that night. He's never even tasted that store bought stuff but I've never made him anything special either.

hillary barney said...

I definitely want to try making my own baby food. Thanks for the share.

{Erica} said...

brielle - you're basically doing homemade baby food. I usually don't give him our table food until about 6 to start simple with individual veggies or fruits. But're doing the whole homemade baby food too:)

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

I LOVED doing homemade baby food. So simple, easy, and economical. I really enjoyed the book, Super Baby Food, by Ruth Yaron. LOVE LOVE LOVED it!!! And, I love the pearl necklace from O.N. I might be getting one for myself.

Stephanie said...

I made all of kids' food as well, and like the commenter above me, I used the book Super Baby Food. My daughter had a hard time gaining weight as a baby, so she ate lots and lots of avocado, something I probably wouldn't give her if we'd done jarred foods! :-)

amanda said...

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