Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Whenever we get a new movie the number of time it's watched in a week is quite the shameful number I must say.

It's used as a bribing tool (queue emails reprimanding me for bribing). It's turned on when homework is done, chores are complete and totally used during the times I want/need a break.

You can bet I squeeze out every last penny I spent on the DVD until they tire of it and move on.

This week's movie of choice:I have to admit I enjoy the Tinkerbell movies. Plus, I was getting a little tired of watching Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam - their superb acting skills were so very awe inspiring (drip sarcasm).I also love when a movie inspires imaginative building a fairy house of their own.It's a good thing our neighbor's house is empty (anyone want to be our neighbor?). Mailee decided she just HAD to have one of their beautiful roses. Oops.My apologies to Bret for the mess of sticks he will have to pick up before mowing the lawn. It's all in the name of fun and fairies right?


Mandy said...

I too ran to the store last Tuesday to get the movie of the week! Nothing quite like the absolute silence that a new movie produces! Love those Faries!

Rochelle said...

I {heart} Tinkerbell movies. My boys even love them. They are such pretty movies. Great animation.

I'm with you on the whole bribery thing. I won't tell you how many times Jayne has watched Super Why just today.... and it's only 12:40.

Regan said...

My girls did that, too! My hubby was slightly annoyed but I think it's adorable.

ChanellR said...

Annie has the same shirt as Ella. So cute.
And I do not understand what is wrong with bribing?
I don't know anyone who would go to work if their boss didn't bribe them with a paycheck.
At least your kids are doing their homework and other responsible things.

ChanellR said...

I mean same shirt as Mailee. :)

ladydazy said...

So cute!! Love the fairy house your daughter built!!

Sarah said...

A) I wish I could be your neighbor!!! I don't even want to think about how incredibly wonderful it would be to be neighbors because it will just make me depressed that we're not ;)

B) I am such a briber. Anyone that would email you about that is nutso. I also bribed my children with the Tinkerbell movie last week :) They loved it and have both started field journals that are the cutest things I've ever seen. I LOVE the fairy house your girls made!

C) I love that Jonas looks like he is going to devour his lovie in the first picture. He is so cute!!

D) I adore your couch pillows. Love them. Mind sharing where you found them? :)

E) Can you imagine the fairy houses that could be built between our yards if we were neighbors? *sigh* I miss you!!