Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ella asked her Meme (my mom) if she could make her an Indian costume for Halloween this year. Meme in turn requested a sketch be drawn by Ella so she could get an idea as to what Ella had in mind. The phone call ended and Ella quickly got out her pencils and went to town designing.

Should it have one feather or lots?
All the same colored feathers or just red ones?
Moccasins? (brown mary jane crocs were then agreed to be used)

A request for a turquoise necklace was made somewhere between the coloring and the drawing, which I agreed to (I need a turquoise necklace anyway - score!).

So here you go mom, the sketch and some notes from Ella:
a. you can use different colored feathers, it will be pretty that way
b. a belt would look super cool, like Tiger Lilly
c. "jagged-y" ends - you know, like Indians or pirates
d. Just in case you didn't know what the sketch was she thought she'd title it for you
(phonetically at that!).

Speaking of Halloween costumes...what are your kids (and/or you) going to be this year? Do you coordinate all family members or let the kids choose whatever they want? Homemade or store bought?


Melia said...

Ella is such a smart girl. Love the drawing and the spelling is so cute.

ladydazy said...

So cute!! Little girls sure know what they want. Mine does too!!!

Sarah said...

That is a fantastic sketch! I'm really impressed. I love that your mom is making it for her, and that the sketch was requested. Ella is a very lucky girl :) With fabulous taste, I might add :)

My girls have always had very specific ideas about what they want to be for Halloween and I just let them pick. Last year the girls both wanted to be princesses so I stuck Blaine in a frog costume for fun, but that's the closest we've gotten to a theme. This year Katie has known she wants to be Tinkerbell forever. Anna decided she wants to be a superhero which I think is really fun. I still haven't found a costume for Blaine. I don't know if Christian and I will dress up... it depends on if we go to any parties or not :)

Score on the turquoise necklace! I love turquoise :) I can't wait to see Ella's costume! And the others in your cute family, too :)

Heather said...

I am way impressed with her sketch. I think that's probably better than I could do.

The Perry Family said...

She did an awesome job!!! You may have a future designer in the works!!