Wednesday, September 08, 2010

{A cute little guy}

Every time Ella sees Jonas smile she exclaims "He's a cute little guy!".

I have to agree.This cute little guy is 4 months old today.

He rolls - well attempts to roll. He's massive chubby thighs often get in the way.
He loves music and smiles any time music comes on.
He swats and grabs at things.
Still can't find his's been missing since about month one.
His smile melts my heart.
You can't help but smile when you hear his delicious laugh.
He's a total Mama's boy - I dig that.
He enjoys sucking his hands, my chin and fingers.
Roll #3 on his right thigh is my wait...his chubby hands/fingers are my scratch that...his cottage cheese bum is my favorite.
He's grown attached to his monkey blanket named Mo. Proof:Has it really been four months? Such a short period of time, yet, I have a hard time remembering what life was like before this little midget came into our lives.

I am blessed. I am happy.

p.s.My assistant during this photography session also had her little stuffed animal/blanket on hand as well. SO glad we've got back-ups of these precious things. All 3 kids must sleep with them.

Did you have something you had to have to go to sleep or carry around? Do your kids? I had a blanket. Boy was it loved. The colors bled in some parts from chewing on it, one corner singed from the time I decided playing with matches was fun (I'm a pyro), and holes galore.

I suppose they call it a security blanket for a reason...


McKelle said...

Gwen sleeps with her Harry Potter blanket. It is just a white soft blanket, but my husband told her Harry Potter put a spell on it to keep all her bad dreams away. No sleeping happens without it.

hays said...

is he the cutest chubbiest thing ever? oh my, i don't know how you keep your hands off him. what a charmer!

Sarah said...

You have the most beautiful children. Mailee's eyes - how do you ever say no to her? ;) And Jonas is so cute, and with his little monkey blanket? Love it. My kids have a blanket that they have to sleep with... and a few lovies that they need to have in their bed as well. Blaine just has a blanket so far. It seems their collection grows over time. I had a baby blanket that my mom made for me when I was born that I slept with and loved forever. Thinking about it now makes me smile :) The blankets my kids sleep with she made as well.

Are Jonas' eyes brown or hazel?

Rachel said...

HE is the cutest baby boy ever! Love his smile! I had a blanket I was attached to. It has lambs on it. I still have it to this day however it is put away in my hope chest. My son (4 1/2) has a lion pillow/stuffed animal he is attached to since about 4 months old. He loves that thing and I totally wish I had a back up for him. He is now a grayish yellow in color when he use to be a bright sunny yellow. My daughter (3) has a blanket that I made her that she calls her pop blanket it was made with that snuggly fabric that has the bumps hence the name pop blanket. She cannot and will not sleep without it!

rookie cookie said...

Handsome he is. He has cheeks for days.

My boys have blankets. Jack calls his "blue one" and Van calls his "gee gee". And both of them can't sleep without them.

[Morgan] said...

a puppy named puppy and a manatee named manny.
my jonas can't sleep without either:)

your kids are just beautiful erica.

A Different Drum said...

He is delicious! I love his sweet little chubbiness!