Thursday, September 02, 2010

{3 things}

1) Laundry: I've put off either folding the clean laundry for...let's be honest...months. I mean I fold some but really, living out of clean clothes piles has been the norm around here for much too long. Today I'm getting back on track and getting it done! Wish me luck.

2) Check up: J-man had his 4 month check up today. Stats for him at 4 months = 20 lbs., 26 inches long. Informed me he's off the charts (typical for my babies) and that he's also adorable, and just had to call the other nurses in to see this adorable-ness while I struggled to ge his clothes on and calm him after shots. Nice.

Shots. He also got shots.

Tyenol, love and sleep will be the regimen today.

3) Tooth: He's getting his first tooth. This means more fussiness, more love and more sleep. Also, blow outs. Big ones.

You can bet by the end of the day today I'll be eating a nice pint of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked to reward myself...even if I don't get the laundry done.

p.s. Happy long weekend. BBQ-ing I'm hoping is in your plans. It is in ours.


Megan and Shawn said...

He is SOOOO adorable, seriously I could eat him! Feeling the teething thing, Lyv is going through that too. Good luck with the laundry, I know I can never, ever keep up with mine... sometimes I'm tempted just to go out and buy new clothes instead of washing them! Then I remember, I have no money! oh.... the joys of residency.

brittany said...

i'm always always behind on laundry. too bad there is no such thing as a laundry fairy.

jonas is adorable! i love his chubby cheeks. they are the best kind.

{natalie} said...

i love icecream as a reward.

he looks so snuggley....wish i could hold him.

i don't really mind the laundry it's just getting it all put away that is a pain. i'm starting to have my kids help out with their things that go in drawers and that is helping.

Mayday said...

Laundry can always wait! He is so adorably big! Reggie's stats today were 14.3 pounds, 25.5 inches, how's that for a comparison:) Good luck with teething. I think that can be the hardest part for a baby.

Sarah said...

At least the clothes are clean, right? ;) The girls have a freshly washed basket sitting next to their dresser as does Blaine... I'm hoping to get it folded and put away in the next few days. It is next to impossible to keep totally up with the laundry. My sister-in-law lives in Brazil and has a laundry fairy that the government pays for. Her husband works for the state department and she has someone that comes and cleans their house and washes, folds and puts away all of their clothes. Wouldn't that be AMAZING?

I know I've said it before, and I will say it again because mr Jonas is SO CUTE! I love him. And his darth vader t-shirt. What an adorable little man.

Jodiane said...

that laundry+Jonas pic is priceless. love this little guy.