Monday, August 23, 2010

{One word}

Last night, on the eve of the first day of school we introduced to the kids our word/theme for the upcoming school year.

I had so many good words on the know like "No drama" or "When I say no it's no!" or "Mind your business...but in all seriousness it was hard for me to narrow it down.

After much discussion with Bret we decided our word for the year would be THRIVE.As we sat around our dining room table enjoying the sugar cereal each girl picked out, and other yummy breakfast foods, including {THIS} delicious coffee cake, Bret talked to the girls about why we chose the word and explained what it meant.We talked to them about thriving in their school work, their friendships, their home life, family relationships, in self confidence, etc.

They really embraced the words and we're so happy that they understood what we were trying to teach them.

As for me, I'm hoping to thrive and adjust to this new chapter.
I am trying really hard to not dwell on the fact that my little Ella will be away from me more waking hours of the day than she will be here by my side. I've prayed numerous times for her teachers and feel great with the ones that she has (and loving the fact that there are only 19 kids in her class with 2 teachers!).

I know that both girls will thrive this year in all they do and, fingers crossed, I will too.So here's to THRIVING in this new school year!

p.s. If you have a word or theme for your family this year please share, I love hearing what others do and get inspiration for upcoming years. Or, if you don't have a tradition like this but can think of a good theme or word that would be great...share!


banananutmeg said...

Our theme this year is from you! I can!
I can be a friend.
I can do difficult things.
I can be reverent.

Thanks for this! We've made it a tradition in our family as well and it is becoming one of my favorites!

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

We had our celebration last night and present the theme: I Can Be a Friend.

We talked about what it means to be a friend and how we should treat others and how we want to be treated.

"No Drama" was a HUGE possibility but in the end Friendship won. We ate, talked about the theme, fashion show, and tonight we are taking "Back to School" treats around to friends for FHE.

Andrea said...

That is great Erica. I really like your back to school theme idea. Thrive is perfect! Hunter doesn't start school until Wed. this week, so we are just enjoying these last two days before my boy starts ALL DAY Kindergarten. :(

Cristy said...

Thrive is such a great year for this year, a great word for me to use for myself! We always do back-to-school father's blessings.

Laura B. said...

Our word this year is Courage. Em and Claire are more reserved and we talked about how it takes courage to meet new friends, courage to try harder, etc.
So good!

hays said...

thriving is good and so encompassing. i like it.

[Morgan] said...

thrive. i like that a lot.
our is "stand tall"
to be unveiled tonight (school starts tomorrow!)
i'll probably post more about it tomorrow while my baby is in school ALL DAY.

brittany said...

i love thrive! good word. we went with learn for the year. i can't wait to hear about ella's first day of first grade. it's such a fun milestone.

{natalie} said...

we are going to do a special dinner next monday night for back to school. kade wants fondue, so that is what we are having.

we don't have a word.

i am excited to see how we all adjust to this new schedule and having a child in school.

Sarah said...

LOVE the theme. It's perfect. I love the beautiful breakfast for dinner, the banner, theme - everything. You are an AMAZING mother, Erica.

We did a back to school family home evening tonight and talked about learning, school etc. and then the kids were given a father's blessing. Anna starts school on wednesday and I think I am so much more nervous than she is. The whole she's at school for more of her awake hours than with me and our family is so hard for me. I am going to miss her! Not knowing anyone or anything at the school is making me nervous too, but I am sure everything is going to be fine.

I'm so excited to hear about Ella's first day. It sounds like she has the most wonderful class! 2 teachers for 19 kids? That's awesome!

PS - Jonas sitting in his high chair is my favorite. He is SO CUTE!

Lynn said...

What a great word! And what a great looking salad below...