Tuesday, August 03, 2010

{My Mama told me to share}

**Although the items I will share with you today are grand, I'd rather be at my parents house enjoying the Summer like my brother's cute family did...and I'm sure you would too. It's our first Summer not there and we are missing it.**It's common to have to move art debris (drying painted pictures, too-much-glue-master pieces, beads, markers, etc.) from the table before we sit down at any given time to eat together as a family.

Though the good 'ol standby of painting, coloring and drawing is still adored daily at our house I just had to share two newly acquired products that have been added into the mix.

Both products provide at least an hour of entertainment if not more.These beads are A.mazing! The colors grabbed me from the start but the fact that you can create bracelets, rings, and necklaces just screamed "purchase me!". Every time we get these out the girls spend at least an hour creating lovely adornments for their jewelry shop. Bret and I even get in on the action and create things as well. {Read another review of the beads by Design Mom HERE}We took a trip to IKEA (free lunch for kids was an unexpected bonus). While there I had to check out their new toys for children. I have a few other items I want to get the girls (plush toy barn, felted food, etc.) but couldn't pass up these character finger puppets. We have all their finger puppets but this is the first with people.

The girls have already spent every day since they got them making up wonderfully creative scenarios. My favorite was when everyone had to attend the Ghost and Baby's wedding. Santa was the photographer. The dialogue was quite entertaining, especially when Santa made everyone say "HO!" instead of "cheese!" Awesomeness.

So there you have it. Two new products that encourage imagination and play that also allow you to do other things around the house or jump right in and play along with them.

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[Morgan] said...

ellie has those beads and they are the best purchase i've ever made for her. she doesn't have sister, but when her friends come over, they are the favorite thing to do!

have you seen the new art paper roll that ikea has? i just bought one last week and i'm so glad that i did.
ellie used to have the art easel from ikea and it took up so much space in her tiny room. (plus she and jonas would fight over it pretty much daily). ikea now has a table top device(?) that holds the same size paper roll and i put it on the kitchen table in the morning or during our house holds "death hour" (3pm) and give the kids markers and crayons.
we love it.

i'll go find a link....

[Morgan] said...

the "device" :)

the paper roll

J and C Stubblefield said...

I bought those beads too, and we took them on a car trip and the kids played for hours! We so love them too, especially because you can undo and recreate!

brittany said...

we have those beads and the girls LOVE them. they play and play and play with them.. they have however been banned to the basement as the tiny pieces are a gold mine for Finn and his putting things in the mouth obsession.

those finger puppets are so cute. good find!