Tuesday, July 27, 2010

{Simplistic fun}

I think themed parties that go all out are awesome. I also think they are time consuming and sometimes over the top. Someday I might try one...like for Jonas's first birthday. But there is something to be said about keeping it simple.

All you really need for a party is food, friends and fun. I think we accomplished that with the combined birthday party for the girls.

The most time consuming thing about the party was the 72 cupcakes. Rainbow cupcakes with gumballs in a rainbow of colors. Dollar store colored envelopes filled with skittles for goodie bags also took a little time but eating them along the way helped. That was the extent of fulfilling the request from the girls to incorporate rainbows.

{6 HUGE Costco pizzas = a whole lot of pizza}

{tradition:birthday wishes for the birthday girls}

{The cupcakes were a hit. Well the frosting on the gumballs were a hit.}


{natalie} said...

love the cupcakes with the rainbow gumballs. it looks like it was a blast.

my sister in law and i were talking about parties this past weekend (our sons bdays are 2 days apart) and i am in the less is easier camp. but i think the over the top parties are very fun to attend.

Andra said...

It looks so fun and colorful! I want to make some gumball cupcakes just to see what the kids would think of them.

Courtney said...

Looks like so much fun! I hope the girls had a great party!

KC and DL said...

It was a hit! Don't know why Ky looks so gloomy in the pic!?

Sarah said...

It looks like an awesome party! Perfect summer birthday fun. Happy Birthday to your two beautiful girls!!!