Monday, November 17, 2008

{No. 68 - Guest Blogger}

Today is another wonderful guest blogger MPM. Before scrolling down to read all of Miriam's fabulous finds I just had a to share three things that have been on my mind since I spotted them on the WWW.First, have you guys spotted all the awesomely HOT dresses over at Shabby Apple? It is true that you can dress modestly and still looking super hot (in fact I would argue that girls that dress modestly look better than those that don't...but that is a whole other post). Anyway the purple and red dress are my current favorites. Check out their holiday won't be disappointed. I just might have to snag the purple one, what do you think?It is sad to me that people tend to skip over the holiday of Thanksgiving and move right on to Christmas. I want my little family to focus more on this holiday and really take time to think of all the things we have and how blessed we are. This Thanksgiving Tree would be perfect to hang our little tags of blessings and words of thanks on. The price tag is a bit much I think (although I wouldn't mind paying that much since it would be used every year). I have been looking for other options. Using a jewelry tree perhaps? Or cutting a branch and spray painting it gold (think my Halloween tree) would be other options. All I know is that this idea/tradition is one that will be incorporated into our family.It may not be a new shoe brand to some but I just fell head over heels in love this weekend with Seychelle shoes! Currently this little pleated wedge has me drooling. The snake skin pewter one was made just for me...I just know it. And the green or the black with metallic still my shoe loving heart! I have a hunch that many of my readers will dig these shoes as much as I do.

Now on to the rest of the MPM goodness provided by another sweet guest blogger. (If you would like to be a guest blogger and desire to share all your favorite things with us, please email me at erica{dot}grover{at}gmail{dot}com.)my name is bird and i am so excited to be modge podging for you today! i've been following erica's blog for ages and am honored that she's allowed me to gather all my sense of style for today's entry (let's face it, style is something i got a half share on and sarcasm? well, i got more than enough of that!).

i don't know anyone who isn't a fan of anthropologie, and looking at their holiday stuff made me feel ambitious. like, this just may be the year we get a christmas tree and put decorations on it. how could i not? especially when i have a look at this little guy:

i love baking, even though i'm only decent at it. so i'm often looking around on the internet for blogs of people who do it really well. bakerella is talented. and cute. here she talks about her desire for a sprinkle rack (think spice rack, but with sprinkles). i thought, "that might be a cute idea." until i saw it.

then i knew. it was a cute idea. and it should be replicated. she found a spiceless spice rack and put her own sprinkles in the bottles. i found one here. too bad i don't use enough sprinkles to warrant a whole rack of them.

my friend heather has a business called knotheads. the product comes two ways: a long piece of metal or a short piece of metal covered in a piece of fabric. you can use them in a million different ways to twist up your hair and hold it into place. heather gave me some of the short ones for ava's hair and i love them. ava's hair is always in her face (she is affectionately called the shaggy dog, among other things). it's too thick for most barrettes and it doesn't look as cute when pulled out of her face with a little rubber band. these little knotheads are the perfect solution. plus, there's like a million different ways to use them. the website has tons of pictures and videos to help you out. tonight i'm going to learn how to do this:

this little item has been on my list of "pretty things i want" for ages:

from studio, it's a box and an ornament completely made out of paper. it's lovely and i have the perfect spot on my dresser for it.

and, speaking of things on my dresser, i bought this from an etsy shop called paloma's nest for my husband to keep his wedding ring in. i love how simple it is.

i try to be crafty. this is, of course, wishful thinking. i'm much better at watching other people be crafty. however, i found this craft idea on martha stewart's website a year ago and it looks like something i could do. i didn't make them last year, so i'm going to try to make them this year. we'll see, i may be too busy salivating over my mom's gravy (the best i've ever had).

and today's song is accompanied by a video. it's a dance routine from 'so you think you can dance', which is probably my favorite show and the only time i regret not having cable television. this routine was so deep and lovely.

Happy Monday!


eRiCa said...

I love the Etsy shop paloma's nest. All of her things are just so beautiful! What a great idea to use as a place to keep your weddding ring. I only wear mine out, when I'm in the house I take it off since it tends to get caught on a lot of things (my pockets, hair, kids cheeks, etc.). I would love to place it for safe keeping in that little dish...great idea!

Slice of life said...

I have been to a wedding before, where a tree has been used instead of a guest book for people to use for wishing the couple well. This kind of reminds me of it. One of the couple is German. I have also seen this in Turkey, where you tie a wish or prayer (written on paper), to a tree and when it disintegrates, the wish comes true (supposedly).

I love the dish. I think I might have to buy one, or do you think I could make it some how?

mrs. gardiner said...

wow. i have to get one of those knotheads. love it!

and i also really love the whole new shabby apple line. too bad they kinda break the bank.

Andrea said...

I totally agree! How annoying it is when it seems like Thanksgiving is skipped over in such a rush to get to Christmas. I love that tree too, and it would be perfect for a tradition to use with your kids each year.(but I bet you could get another tree somewhere like Michaels for WAY cheaper, and make it your own) I just might have to look into doing that this year.

Sucks about your cell phone. I would die without mine. In case you forgot then, my house # is 321 on Sandalwood.

Lindsey said...

erica, i love the thanksgiving tree idea. so cute and pergect for the season.

Mauri said...

I have the purple dress from Shabby Apple and love it! I feel super skinny in it which I'll take any day! I also have the seychelles in brown and I absolutely love them too! You won't be disappointed with either.

Shar said...

Ooh. Love those dresses. I'm loving the slate gray one!

I love the sprinkles rack. What a cute idea. It would give me incentive to bake more.

I tend to skip over Thanksgiving decorations because I don't really like them. But I also can't put up my Christmas decorations till after Thanksgiving, because I have rules. Maybe if I had more cute Thanksgiving decorations like that cute tree.

Dkole said...

Erica you really are to kind. Not hot. I am living in sweats.

Princess Pookie said...

Seychelle footwear...yummy! Shabby Apple...not too shabby!:)

Quinn and Kristan said...

Friend you can still celebrate Thanksgiving even with your Christmas tree up. I think I will be more likely to wait until after Thanksgiving when we don't leave home for 2 weeks in December. I like to be able to enjoy it a little!

O.M.D.!!! Those shoes are freaking hot! I want all of them. I will for sure be cheaking out that site!

Quinn and Kristan said...

I will be CHECKING out the site not cheaking! :D OOPS!

anorton said...


Sarah said...

I love that purple dress! I bet it would be really flattering... especially on someone with a bootie like mine! ;) I love it. The green shoes are my favorite, that's a really fun color green. I like. The Thanksgiving tree is also a fabulous idea. We always create something out of paper for our wall to write what we're thankful on throughout the month, but that tree would be so pretty! I'm going to keep my eyes open for some cheaper trees...

Also, the sprinkles rack is so cute and would really help my baking cupboard! It's getting a little crowded in there. Also loving that twisted bun hairstyle, you could really do that to yourself? It's really cute.

leah said...

Erica, Its great to hear from you! Love your super creative, informative and stylish blog. Where are you? How have you been. e-mail me if you get a chance.